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Ishmael Claxton is a European based photographer. Born and raised in New York City, he has lived in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, California, the Caribbean, Berlin, Paris, Ireland and has been photographing professionally for five years. He has interned and worked with artist such as Michael Creagh, Litina Egungun, Perry Ogden, Kurt Thometz and worked at the Bushwhick community dark room for a year. With a background in maths, art history, history, set and costume design he's able to weave all of these elements together to give form to his vision. His works deals with color, spirituality, politics and the surreal.


In New York City, Claxton also taught photography classes at an inner city middle school and was part of a support program for at risk youths.


Claxton has had work featured in a number of galleries and magazines, from Japan, the Caribbean, Europe and across the USA. Collections include The Montreal Nude Collective, City of New York Baco Collective, The Brecht Forum Gallery, The Light Factory, Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film, The Living Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery Archives.



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